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Outboard engine rebuild kits are the most valued part of the outboard engine overhaul, it gives the customer the assurance they are getting a complete overhaul. ( always ask for your old parts back )
The most up to date and complete outboard engine rebuild kits. Our complete outboard rebuild kits come with,
All new piston kits, new rings wrist pins and wrist pin bearings.
All of the rod bearings, main bearings, and engine seals.
A complete outboard rebuild gasket set and the carburetor kits for the engines that are carburated.
EFI and DFI engines receive a compete cleaning of there fuel system, injectors cleaned, pressure tested and flow tested.

Rebuild Kits
We offer your old parts back to you,
If you have questions, or would like more information, please leave your name and contact information.


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